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Clean decor is best for the guest room

Make sure you have a well-decorated guest room for when friends come to vist.

Make sure you have a well-decorated guest room for when friends come to vist.

Whether you have children who've moved out of the house, or are lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, many people like to keep a place in their home ready and set up for visitors. The guest room can be a great asset because you won't have to relegate visitors to the couch or otherwise inconvenience members of your family.

It can be hard, however, to come up with cohesive design scheme for this kind of room since it will often contain mismatched furniture from other places.

Because you will have many visiting friends coming and going from the guest room, it's best to keep the decor of such a space fairly simple so as to not disagree with the taste of anyone who is staying over. Likewise, it's a good idea to keep the look of this room gender-neutral.

As for your window treatments, it's best to pick something simple that will still add the finishing touch. Dress your windows with a valance that will help to make the space feel more complete but won't overwhelm or intimidate your guests.

For a luxurious addition to this room, think of adding velvet blackout drapes as well to block out the early morning sunlight. This will also be helpful for visitors who might have made their way to your house from afar and are combating jet lag.

Rather than complicate this room with too much decor, it's best to leave it open so that your visitors feel right at home. If you're wondering where to begin on your guest room, simple window treatments are the perfect place to start.