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Choosing a curtain rod for a formal space

For a formal space, like a dining room, choose the appropriate hardware.

Homeowners often think that once they've chosen the right curtain, the task of dressing their window is complete. However, a good window drape can be made great if you take into consideration the accessories that complete the look of the window.

The curtain rod can be more than just the the skeleton of the drape. The rod is able to play a variety of roles in complementing your curtains and setting the aesthetic tone of a space. Choosing the proper hardware can dress up or dress down any fabric or design depending on the room.

In formal settings like dining rooms, you have the opportunity to employ rods with imaginative, perhaps more showy finials.

For dining rooms that stick to a classic, almost royal flavor in their aesthetic, there are a few approaches you can take. An aged bronze rod comes across as dignified and durable, which is why it's become a timeless choice. With simple round finials, these brass rods can blend in and let the drape be the star, or with a more flowery, ornate finial, they can add to the window treatment's grandeur and take center stage themselves.

In a modern dining room that embraces stripped-down luxury in favor of ornateness, a platinum-metallic rod could complement a more linear, stark and subtle setting. A metal rod that employs square finials rather than common rounded designs, for example, would contribute to a non-traditional room design and help homeowners embrace a more linear, architectural scheme.

In the end, homeowners have as many options when choosing a rod as they do when deciding what curtain they wish to display on it. But they should remember that the two need to work together to complete the right look for a space.