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Choose durable cotton or linen if you have kids

Baby-proof your decor as well as your house.

Baby-proof your decor as well as your house.

Becoming a parent changes things, including the style of decor that you employ in your house. While it’s nice to think that you can have a young family and white carpets at the same time, the fact of the matter is that some styles just won’t work with kids. But, if you choose the right materials, you can still have a the formal look you desire and it will hold up against your kids. 

Spills are a major concern in homes with children, since little ones are prone to get messy from time to time. Don’t worry, though, if you have the right curtains and drapes in your house, you won’t worry about your tiny tots wreaking havoc on your decor. 

If you share your home with babies, stay away from light-colored options like sheer drapes. Instead, you should choose a durable cotton or linen in a neutral that can contain stains. The matte finish of these fabrics will conceal the look of stains and spills, and neutral hues are known to look clean and fresh for many years. 

But sometimes, your pride and joy will spill an entire cup of juice on the dining room curtains. That’s why it’s important to choose a fabric that can be dry-cleaned, so if your bundle of joy does make some sort of a mess in your house, a simple trip to the cleaners will have your drapes looking good as new. 

Baby-proofing doesn’t have to stop once you’ve covered all of the electrical sockets, why not save yourself some money and frustration by making sure that your decor is kid-friendly as well? Something as simple as choosing the right fabric for your window treatments will go a long way in terms of lasting with even the most rambunctious of tykes.