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Bold, bright window treatments can warm up minimalist design

Add some color to your minimalist space.

Add some color to your minimalist space.

Many people who live in small spaces prefer the minimalist look of white, unadorned walls. Often, even those who were skeptical at first find that this type of style really works for them. After all, a clutter-free environment can lead to a clean mind and you might just find that your new space is inspiring. Of course, an environment completely devoid of color is much harder to make work than one with a little bit of flexibility. 

Therefore, it’s best to break up the monotony of your minimalist space by adding some brights. White walls are popular in Scandinavia, but these spaces seem cheerful anyway because the white is almost always accompanied with textiles. You can mimic this look by using bright window treatments to add a splash of color to your otherwise plain walls. 

If your home is drafty, using velvet blackout drapes will help to warm the place up. Otherwise, think of choosing a cotton drape in a solid, primary color in order to get the saturated punch that you’re looking for. 

Your space doesn’t have to be completely devoid of other decorative elements, though. You can group these items on a single surface so that they don’t clutter the look of the space, but rather add a measured amount of visual interest. 

When done in moderation, minimalist spaces can be exceedingly functional, and it can be very soothing to live in a place with this type of decor. Rather than foregoing color, make it a part of the design scheme by using it in specific locations only. This will help to make your house feel warm and inviting, and get rid of the intimidation factor of white walls, which otherwise can be somewhat daunting.