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Blurring the line between interior and exterior design

Even white curtains can help insulate and shade your home.

Many of the features of interior design are moving toward the outside of the home. While the influence of indoor kitchens, dining rooms and lighting can all be seen in outdoor patios, college students in the recent 2013 Solar Decathlon competition even brought curtains, drapes, and other window coverings outside of their savvy houses. In an effort to be ecologically conscious, the students used these features to retain energy. Take a look at some of the high-tech attributes below and see how you can adapt these methods to your own home.

  • Outdoor curtains: "The fluttering of the textile also acts as a nice counterpoint to the straight lines of the house. Combined with retractable sunshades over lounging decks, the giant curtains prove to be a smart solution for indoor-outdoor living," reports Craig Nakano of the Los Angeles Times discussing an entry from Australia. Proving that you don't need to be lavish to get a job done, the team used simple white curtains outside of the entry of their design. These coverings provided both shade and privacy.
  • Shades operated with an app: In true millennial style, the team from Ontario created shades that were operated from an Android app. Aside from being efficient and convenient, these coverings were also unnoticeable when retracted.
  • Skylight: The team at USC created a modern skylight with multiple functions. Not only does the skylight let sunlight into a home, it also allows hot air to be released, similar to a function of a chimney, while bringing in cool air.

As you can see, window coverings provide your home with more than just decorations. Are you looking to cut energy costs? Browse Half Price Drapes' array of curtains and drapes that are not only stylish but also energy efficient.