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Avoid these slip-ups when designing your bathroom

Shades are a great addition to any bathroom.

Shades are a great addition to any bathroom.

Let's face it: The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, requiring you to take into consideration both aesthetics and functionality when designing it. Making over your bathroom can increase the value of your home and attract possible buyers in the future. Try to avoid these faux pas when designing your powder room.

  • Inadequate light: Often homeowners situate their bathrooms in dark and damp areas, but this is a mistake. Letting light and outdoor air circulate through your room can make it brighter and more sanitary. Be sure to invest in light and airy curtains from Half Price Drapes to coincide with your design aesthetic. If you're bathroom is located where you're unable to install windows, think about other options, including a sky light, which can open up a space and allow natural light to flourish.
  • No privacy: While it's essential to have windows in your bathroom, you still want to keep your space private. This is especially true if your bathroom is located on the first floor. Try incorporating blinds to the windows of your powder room, which allow to you to open and close them at your liking.
  • Wrong bathing option: While grand bathtubs can make a room feel luxurious, if you don't often take a bath this may not be the feature for you. Some homeowners tend to follow trends without taking into consideration their personal preference. If you favor showers over baths, why waste space with a bath tub? Instead, opt for a sleek shower equipped with sufficient water pressure.