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An alternative to beige

Gray is a great alternative to beige.

Gray is a great alternative to beige.

Neutral colors are very popular in the home since they are subdued and not too overbearing. These shades especially look great if you choose to decorate certain rooms in your house with more elaborate decor. However, just because you don’t want your backdrop to clash with other items in you design scheme, that doesn’t mean your paint palette has to be drab. Recently, interior designer Jennifer Ott detailed some alternative colors to incorporate in your home if you want to retain the subtlety of neutral hues, while also bringing some color to the mix. Check out her suggestions below:

Gray: Gray has been a popular color for 2013 and doesn’t show signs of slowing down within the new year. The great thing about this hue is that is can be changed to coincide with a variety of design schemes. For instance, if you favor color, you can use a gray with blue or green tones. If your decor is warmer, add brown to the mix.

Purple: Whether the look you are going for is grand or subdued, purple is a great choice. Staying away from a pastel color, and opting for a shade with gray or brown undertones, such as warm mauve curtains, is the key to exuding maturity while using purple.

Seafoam green: “Add some green to soft blue and you get a wonderful watery hue that has a spa-like feel,” Ott tells the website. Even if your home is not located near the coast, bring this beach-like feel to your bedroom or living room.

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