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Am I too old for pink curtains?

This color can be very classy when used correctly.

This color can be very classy when used correctly.

It's no secret that many women love pink. This quintessentially female color is synonymous with everything from baby girls to Barbie dolls, and many adult women love it too. However, when decorating a first apartment or house, many ladies feel pressured to put away this childish tone in exchange for a more subdued hue.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Home decoration is a true expression of your own personal style, and you should feel comfortable to use your favorite shades as you see fit. So if you love the color pink, or for that matter, any other hue, you can definitely find an appropriate way to incorporate it into the style of your home.

In terms of having a bold juvenile color like pink look more adult, it's best to choose a tone that's on the subdued end. This means trading in your neon for maybe a dusty rose.

Another way to make even the brightest of pinks feel more appropriate is to pick the correct style of window treatments. Think of using elegant silk drapes that go all the way to the floor. To make an even bigger statement, hang them above the window. This will help to add a dressed-up adult element to the pink drapes in your room.

And if you're worried that this color is going to make too much of a statement, stay away from patterns. Solid fabrics always seem more grown up.

Don't let your age stop you from decorating in pink. As long as you choose the right tone, the correct drape and the right fabric your house can be as pink as Barbie's dream house and still look as classy as Gracie Mansion.