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Additional tips for getting your home ready for fall

Try decorating your home with a fun pattern curtain this fall!

Yesterday we showed you a list of improvements you should make to your house before the winter. Today, we'll take a look at additional items on the "October Checklist," as reported by interior design website Houzz.com.

  • Maintenance: You're going to want to make sure your home appliances are functioning for the cold winter days approach. For instance, before the weather gets too frigid, make sure outdoor faucets and hoses are turned off to prevent them from freezing. Also, ensure that your safety items, such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, are functioning properly.
  • Redecorate: Have you dreamed about redecorating or remodeling a specific section of your home but haven't had the time? As the old saying goes, "don't put off tomorrow what you can do today." Start making your home décor projects a reality. Since your kids are in school, you'll have more time to focus your attention on your home. Want to update your bedroom? Try incorporating Half Price Drapes' stylish array of drapes and curtains into your room. 
  • Sort clothing: Unfortunately, it's time to pack away your sun dresses and bikinis. Get your wardrobe ready for fall by storing summer clothing in your closet, basement or attic. Update your closet with pants and warm sweaters perfect for the chilly autumn days.
  • Spruce up your porch: The front porch is usually the first thing a guest notices when visiting your home. Now is the perfect time to get your porch ready for trick-or-treaters. Add fun and festive décor to the area. Pumpkins, haystacks and fall flower arrangements will create an inviting space.