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Adding subtle warmth to your sunroom as the seasons change

Your interiors need to reflect the change in the seasons.

Your interiors need to reflect the change in the seasons.

As the temperatures outside drop, the sunroom becomes an increasingly cherished space in your house. This area allows you to enjoy the scenery outside without having to endure frigid or inclement weather.

Just as the scenery you view from your windows changes with the seasons, so too must the decor of your homes interior. This is especially true in a sunroom, which will feel cold and uninviting if your decor doesn’t take into consideration the shifts in climate throughout the year.

The sheer curtains that you may have used in the summer might not be the best choice of window treatment in the winter. The light breezy look of these drapes will do little to anchor a sunroom when the leaves are falling or there’s snow on the ground.

However, you also want to avoid making your sunroom dark and cavernous by hiding your view behind blackout drapes, which would defeat the purposeof the space entirely. Go for a semi-translucent alternative that will have more insulation than a thin sheer but remain in keeping with the room’s inherently natural feeling.

Being a somewhat light fabric that will work to enhance a brighter space throughout the year, French linen curtains are a good choice in this situation. A cream color will complement the browns and reds of fall and will appear warmer in the winter than a stark white. This color will also reflect the light from outside, making your room is as sunny as possible.

You can even use this kind of drape over your summer sheers to insulate the room even further. This will not only work aesthetically, but also add a layer of warmth to the space and help reduce the necessity for home heating.