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Add symmetry and balance to your dining room

Use symmetry to dress your dining room.

Use symmetry to dress your dining room.

The formal dining room tends to be tricky to decorate. While this area of the home is a staple in every stately residence, it can be hard to incorporate furnishings that express your personal style but also live up to the expectations of this kind of room.

Traditional rustic style is a good middle ground for many homeowners. The handmade look of this furniture can help to dress down the formal dining room, but it is still possible to find a dining table and other pieces such as a sideboard or buffet built in the rustic tradition.

Especially if you're going with a less ornate style of furniture, however, it can be hard to make your dining room look complete. You may find that, even when it has all of the essential objects for a functional eating and entertaining area, your dining room still feels as if it's missing something.

Your choice of window treatments can help to fill this void. Dressing the window in your dining area will serve to add some balance to an otherwise insubstantial or unadorned wall. Especially when the window is across from a significant piece of furniture, your dining room is at risk for seeming lopsided.

Traditional drapes are the best way to combat this lack of symmetry, and make your window seem as substantial. Something like a linen curtain will emphasize your window without compromising the casual look that you've worked so hard to create. Hang these on a stately rod in order to ensure that they make the statement that you are hoping they will.

Though decorating the dining room can be a challenging task, once you've identified a way to refine your existing taste and found symmetry in the space, the room will look complete.