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Add pizzazz to your home’s interior

Add pizzazz to your home with decorative drapes.

Add pizzazz to your home with decorative drapes.

Do you want to take your home design from drab to fab? Now is the time to do so. With the holidays approaching, homeowners across the globe are abandoning their traditional décor for a more festive ambiance. If you want your home to shine as bright as the New Year's Eve ball in Times Square, take a look at some helpful hints:

  • Animal print: Even though the weather is cold, you can still mimic the heat of the jungle in your living room. Animal print is very popular lately, in both the home design realm and on the runway. Choose your favorite print, such as zebra or tiger, and incorporate this pattern in your living room through stylish home accessories.
  • Find pizzazz in the unexpected: "In my home, I shoot for such moments when I slip a cowhide rug unexpectedly under a carved French desk, place a spicy orange silk pillow on a gray-microsuede sofa, and prop a silver lamé teddy bear on my teenage daughter's bed," states Denver Post writer Marni Jameson in a recent editorial. When it comes to adding a touch of flair to your home, it's best to think outside of the box.
  • Go for glitter: Shimmer and shine is symbolic of New Years Eve, but why enjoy this sparkle just one night of the year? Adhere to the metallic trend with gold, silver or bronze curtains. You can also add jeweled throw-pillows to your living room for an especially glimmering look.

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