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Add color to your living room with these drapes

Beautiful blue drapes like these can be perfect for your formal living room.

Beautiful blue drapes like these can be perfect for your formal living room.

Adding color to your formal living room can be a challenge. After all, you probably want to maintain the upscale qualities that the space has, while still brightening it up a little bit with a more impactful hue. Changing the color of your furniture would be expensive and impractical, as it's much easier to tire of a purple couch than a beige one. Rather than making such drastic changes, brighten up the room using curtains, which will bring the pop of pigment that you are hoping for without overpowering the room. 

Rather than something made of a fine fabric, it's better to let the material remain understated, and make your point with the bold color. Cotton curtains and drapes are perfect for this, as they provide fully saturated color without any sheen to compete. 

Done well, these drapes can serve beautifully as the backdrop of your formal living space, bringing in the colors that you need while allowing the rest of the decor to maintain the upscale quality that you have always wanted. There's nothing more luxurious than lovely drapes like these flowing in the wind when you open the window, so you will get a year-round treat with these cotton window treatments. 

Rather than going with a permanent solution, you're free to experiment with color when you make use of lovely cotton drapes, and will have the flexibility you need to make a change to your decor if you tire of the style that you have currently put in place.