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Add a quaint reading nook to your home

Use your favorite color curtains in your reading nook.

Use your favorite color curtains in your reading nook.

Nothing is better than taking some time out of your busy day to relax with a good book. Instead of straining your eyes in a dark and dingy corner of your house, why don't you create a bright and luxurious reading nook? Take a look at some helpful interior design tips to implement this cozy feature into your home.

  • Add personal touches: After a long day at work, your reading nook can be an oasis. Add personal touches to your area, such as picture frames or a candle in your favorite scent. You'll feel so relaxed that you'll never want to leave this spot!
  • Choose an appropriate end table: If you don't have a table in you reading nook then you're going to have to keep getting up if you want essentials—such as a glass of water, a cup of tea or even your reading glasses. Add a chic end table to your nook for both style and practicality. So you don't damage your table's wood, also shop for stylish coaster to incorporate into your design scheme.
  • Let there be light: Be sure that your reading nook is equipped with an abundance of light, both natural for the daytime and artificial for the night. Reading without the adequate lighting can lead to severe headaches. It's great to situate your reading chair near a window. If you want to decorate your corner with stylish window coverings for half of the cost, browse Half Price Drapes' array of curtains and drapes. We offer a variety of colors, styles and materials ideal for creating a space to truly call your own.