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Add a classic touch to simple or modern drapes with tassels

Tassel tiebacks are the ideal addition to any window treatment for a classic look.

Tassel tiebacks are the ideal addition to any window treatment for a classic look.

Decorating on a budget has its own set of challenges. When you don’t have the money for the grand elements you have in mind, many people settle for simpler furniture that tends to be less expensive, and the same is true of accessories. But not having a large amount of funding at your disposal doesn’t mean that you have to settle for cheap drapes

Instead, simpler window treatments tend to cost less, and can look just as nice when used correctly. For example, rather than choosing an expensive set of silk drapes, it can be just as effective to layer a sheer with a solid curtain that might not cost as much. No matter what window treatments you choose, remember that the shape will help to determine the relative dressiness of any room that they’re in, as well as the fabric. So if you can’t afford a fine textile, you won’t necessarily be out of luck. 

Classic tassel tiebacks are a low cost item that can really make your curtains and drapes seem more formal. If you’re attempting to turn a more casual window treatment into one that can suit a traditional room, adding tassels can be very effective. 

Tassels have been used for thousands of years as a classic way to tie off extra threads in items such as blankets and rugs. It is this long history that helps us to associate such accessories with a dressier aesthetic. As long as you choose your window treatments in a tone that people are used to seeing in a fine space, adding a tassel will ensure that they are dressy enough for the buttoned-up style of decor that you’ve chosen. 

Though you will have to get a little creative, simplistic and modern style isn’t your only option if you’re working with a limited budget. Paying attention to the details can go a long way in achieving the look that you want.