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Accent a breakfast bar with the right drapes

Drapes like this are great for a breakfast bar.

Drapes like this are great for a breakfast bar.

Some homes feature interior windows to ease the flow of air from one room to the next. A common technique to cut a hole in the wall to the kitchen, creating a breakfast bar. This is the kind of architectural detail that can really separate your house from the others on the block, and makes for a fantastic place to have a quick meal, pay bills or help the kids with their homework.

Most people choose to place stools on one side of their breakfast bar to maximize the functionality of this part of the house. But other than adding seating, there are so many other things you can do to make this not only a convenient detail, but an eye-catching part of your home as well. For instance, if you find that members of your family often sit here to do homework or work on projects, you can add a lamp and pick out a pretty crock or vase to hold extraneous pencils and pens that might end up around the counter. 

If you really want to make this part of your home stand out, play with the idea that it is essentially a window. Consider using curtains to accent this fact and add a little visual interest to the detail itself. 

You can have your new window treatments match your existing curtains and drapes so that they are a part of your kitchen decor. Unlike with actual windows, these curtains should not extend lower than the top of the breakfast bar. You can order custom cut window treatments to ensure that they are the right height.