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3 unusual ways to decorate your home

Here are a few unusual ways you can decorate your home.

Here are a few unusual ways you can decorate your home.

Summer is a great time to redecorate the interior of your home, particularly if it has been a few years since the space has gotten a face lift. Instead of going the traditional routes when it comes to designing an area of the house, you should instead consider decorating it with items that might not initially come to mind. This can be an especially useful way to go if you already have certain items in your home that you can successfully integrate into the decor, so you don’t have to break the bank with this project.

Here are a few unusual items that you can use to decorate your home:

  • Rope railings: Although this design might not be for everybody, it will create a whimsical look in your home. Instead of having traditional railings for your staircases, you should try having ropes installed instead. You can completely transform the look and atmosphere of your home by simply changing out the railings.
  • Surfboard coffee table: This is a great way to give your home a unique and relaxed look, particularly if you reside close to the ocean. All you need to do is attach some legs to the bottom of your surfboard and place it where you would any coffee table. It will give your room a great splash of color!
  • Wallpaper ceilings: Instead of leaving your ceilings bare or the same color paint as your walls, a nice designed wallpaper will look great! Choosing the right patten for your interior will breathe new and interesting life into the ceiling.

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