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Tips for Throwing the Perfect Party

You’ve done all of the basics: Sent out tasteful invitations, planned for the amount of food and drink you’ll need and decided on a simple … Read More »


Skirting Your Dining Room Table

The best way to give your dining room a makeover is to place the focus where it belongs – on the table itself. Other accessories, … Read More »


Basement Curtains

Too often, basement curtains are added as an afterthought, out of a sense that “something needs to cover those windows.” In reality, adding a few … Read More »


Tiny House Decorating

The Tiny House Movement has slowly but surely gathered steam in recent years, as people looking to downsize and simplify their lives discover that less … Read More »


Southwestern Style

There was a time, back in the Eighties, when decorating a home as inspired by designs from the southwestern region of the U.S. could result … Read More »


But Is It Art?

It’s always a pleasure to be able to decorate one’s home or office with high quality original works of art. The hallways of many publishing … Read More »