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Header Styles for Draperies

There are times when choosing the right draperies and Mounting Accessories still falls just short of creating the overall impact and impression you want for … Read More »


Velvet Curtains for Your Home Theater

Beyond taking advantage of their obvious beauty and elegance, which lend any room a sense of refined style, installing Velvet Curtains for use in a … Read More »


Creating a Serene Bedroom Retreat

The far-out and psychedelic bedroom designs of the Sixties and Seventies are (mostly) a thing of the past. More than a change in styles and … Read More »


Matching Curtains with Wall Colors

The use of bold, vibrant colors for room furnishings as well as the walls they rest against remains a popular choice for those whose tastes … Read More »


Coordinating Curtains and Pillows

They may seem superfluous in some settings, and can also disappear in others, but pillows of all varieties – whether for the bedroom or the … Read More »


Designing Around Clerestory Windows

One feature of some living spaces with so-called cathedral or vaulted ceilings is the addition of an array of openings known as clerestory windows. These … Read More »