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But Is It Art?

It’s always a pleasure to be able to decorate one’s home or office with high quality original works of art. The hallways of many publishing … Read More »


Avoiding DIY Mistakes

When attempting to improve your home through repair or remodeling projects, there’s no better feeling than knowing that you’ve saved yourself some time and aggravation … Read More »


Designing with Silk Curtains

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Living Room Makeovers

While many homeowners invest a great deal of time and money improving certain household spaces – such as bathrooms and kitchens — for their proven … Read More »


Colorful Fall Wreathes

The beautiful colors of fall never seem to last quite as long as one might like. Just when the foliage seems at its peak, a … Read More »


Basic White for the Bedroom

An all-white decorating scheme for a bedroom wouldn’t work for every household, particularly those with active children who might not make it their first priority … Read More »


Stripes Forever

Certain patterns speak to certain people in certain ways, so much so that some folks won’t consider using anything other than what they’ve grown used … Read More »