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Custom Drapes

Dressing Up Your Windows

Brightening up a room can be as simple as dressing up its windows, whether with a one-of-a-kind design or something tried and true. Sunset magazine … Read More »


Cleaning Shortcuts

Few people like to spend more time than necessary cleaning house. At the same time, cutting corners can result in a shoddy outcome that makes … Read More »


Garage Window Treatment Ideas

The household garage might seem like one of the last places that anyone would think to put up window treatments. Given the space’s largely utilitarian … Read More »


Entryway Drapes Can Block Drafts

With economy of space becoming more and more important to homeowners these days, some newer homes are missing features and rooms that were once considered … Read More »


Bay Window Treatments

Bay windows are often prized by homeowners as the centerpiece of a room—or, in some cases, an entire exterior wall of the house. Their distinctive … Read More »