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Category: DIY Design


Inventive Uses for Tension Rods

In addition to fitting into spaces where other kinds of Curtain Rods simply cannot fit, tension rods can be used for a variety of other … Read More »

Curtains for Loft Spaces

 Transforming former industrial spaces into living areas has been happening for several decades now. Loft spaces are desirable because of their airy nature as well … Read More »


How to Line Your Curtains

Adding a lining to existing draperies can help to conserve energy, cutting back on the amount of money you spend to cool and heat your … Read More »

You don't have to resort solely to heavy curtain designs as the weather gets colder.

Hanging Heavy Curtains

Whether for adding an extra layer of insulation, blocking out light or providing a sense of substance to a stately setting, the use of extra-thick … Read More »


Dusting Baseboards and Curtains

One of the temptations that come with owning floor length curtains is believing that you may not have to do a whole lot of dusting … Read More »