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Category: DIY Design


Four Design Ideas for Spring

Flowers     Spring brings flowers with it and adding flowers to your home décor. Make sure to do this in more than one way to … Read More »


Winter Color Schemes

Beating the winter doldrums can sometimes be a matter of changing and jazzing up your home’s surroundings, especially in colder weather areas where people tend … Read More »


Inexpensive Bath Updates

It’s always entertaining to dream about a whole house makeover, complete with baths that make your house feel like the castle it’s supposed to be. … Read More »


Alternatives to Dry Cleaning Drapes

Like a favorite sweater or other piece of clothing, the time invariably comes to clean those beautiful silk drapes that took you months to find. … Read More »

DIY Window Treatment Options

There are times when a designer’s touch is decidedly not what you have in mind for certain areas of your home. Some spaces call for … Read More »