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Category: DIY Design

Cotton or linen drapes are great for hiding your personal office space in your off-campus apartment.

Utilize space wisely in your off-campus apartment

If you have moved into an agreeable but less-than-ideal living situation this fall where space is at a minimum, there are a lot of simple tricks you can do around the apartment that utilize what square footage is available to the fullest. Read More »

Two different heavy curtains layered on top of eachother look great during the colder months.

Leave behind sheers when layering for fall

While summer hasn’t ended quite yet, many interior designers are already considering looks that will make their spaces interact with the changing of the seasons and accommodate cooler temperatures. Read More »

Moroccan style is particularly popular right now.

Embroidered drapes are an essential for Moroccan style interiors

One of the best things about the plethora of interior design websites and resources available to consumers for no charge today is that just about anyone can gain access to the kind of design that was previously available only to those who could afford to hire a decorator. Read More »