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Category: DIY Design


Simple Decorating Rules

You’ve probably encountered at least one situation where you dreamed up how a room should receive a facelift, then shopped for the items you thought … Read More »


Creating a Southern-Styled Sanctuary

People born or raised in the South often profess a special fondness for their region of origin, from stories about the incomparable Southern cooking to … Read More »


Throwing Around Dollops of Color

One underused method of adding a splash of color to most any room is the thoughtful use of throw pillows. Rather than regard these small … Read More »


Creating a Sanctuary for Rest

A bedroom can serve as much more than a place for sleep or intimacy. Done the right way, it can become a veritable sanctuary that … Read More »


Inventive Uses for Tension Rods

In addition to fitting into spaces where other kinds of Curtain Rods simply cannot fit, tension rods can be used for a variety of other … Read More »