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Category: Creative Design Solutions


Making Small Spaces Look Big

Hanging draperies to separate a larger space into several small spaces is a well-known tactic for creating individualized areas for work or socializing. When it … Read More »


Transforming Unused Closets, Part 2

More suggestions, courtesy of Buzzfeed.com, for transforming empty or unused closet spaces: Need more seating in a small-ish playroom? Consider adding a long cushion to … Read More »


Transforming Unused Closets, Part 1

While some homeowners and apartment dwellers crave every square inch of closet that they can use for storage, there are some living spaces where closet … Read More »


Simple Decorating Rules

You’ve probably encountered at least one situation where you dreamed up how a room should receive a facelift, then shopped for the items you thought … Read More »


Throwing Around Dollops of Color

One underused method of adding a splash of color to most any room is the thoughtful use of throw pillows. Rather than regard these small … Read More »


Creating a Sanctuary for Rest

A bedroom can serve as much more than a place for sleep or intimacy. Done the right way, it can become a veritable sanctuary that … Read More »