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Category: Creative Design Solutions

It is possible to use stained glass and window treatments together.

Formal drapes are best for stained glass windows

Reminiscent of a bygone era, stained glass windows can lend a formal, church-like feeling to any space in which they are used. Many homeowners love to employ them in a space, since natural light takes on a particularly nice quality when filtered through interesting panes of colored glass. Read More »

Tassel tiebacks are the ideal addition to any window treatment for a classic look.

Add a classic touch to simple or modern drapes with tassels

Decorating on a budget has its own set of challenges. When you don’t have the budget for the grand elements you have in mind, many people settle for simpler furniture that tends to be less expensive, and the same is true of accessories. But not having a large budget at your disposal doesn’t mean that you have to settle for cheap drapes. Read More »