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Category: Creative Design Solutions

Tassel tiebacks are the ideal addition to any window treatment for a classic look.

Add a classic touch to simple or modern drapes with tassels

Decorating on a budget has its own set of challenges. When you don’t have the budget for the grand elements you have in mind, many people settle for simpler furniture that tends to be less expensive, and the same is true of accessories. But not having a large budget at your disposal doesn’t mean that you have to settle for cheap drapes. Read More »

Don't worry about decorating slowly. It's a great way to develop a sense of your home before jumping head-first into a plan you can't handle.

Natural Roman shades are the perfect accent to finish your home

Some people work tirelessly to come up with the perfect decor scheme for their house. These decorators take their detail-oriented, perfectionist attitude into their house, and simply won’t settle for any furniture or accessories that they haven’t explicitly chosen. Read More »