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Category: Creative Design Solutions


Exterior Design Ideas for Spring

With the decline of winter and the advent of spring and summer, we often have to remind ourselves that our yards actually exist. Spring cleaning … Read More »


Spring Cleaning Tips

There are many things to check off of your cleaning list when you are getting serious for spring. While spring cleaning is partly just cleaning … Read More »


Blind Cleaning 101

While there are many different styles of blinds – from vertical to wooden to Honeycomb/Cellular Shades — there are some methods for cleaning them that … Read More »

Home Artwork

Artwork Hanging Basics

Dressing up or decorating the spaces between your windows can be just as critical to a room’s overall design as choosing the right window treatments. … Read More »


Repairing Cellular Shades

No matter how indestructible Honeycomb/Cellular Shades might appear, there are only so many cord pulls that any one unit can take. While you might be … Read More »


Dorm Room Curtains

You child’s dormitory room at college is the one place where he or she can display their personal taste – while observing all of the … Read More »