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Archive for July, 2012

In rooms with more modern, geometric designs, some drapes can add to the grandeur.

Grommet top headers make traditional drapes more modern

Grommet top headers are a feature on curtains that makes it so the tops of the drape are weaved through the curtain rod as opposed to hanging on hooks or rings. This creates a cleaner look, as the fabric hangs like an even series of waves as opposed to a flowing waterfall. Read More »

For a formal space, like a dining room, choose the appropriate hardware.

Choosing a curtain rod for a formal space

Homeowners often think that once they’ve chosen the right curtain, the task of dressing their window is complete. However, a good window drape can be made great if you take into consideration the accessories that complete the look of the window. Read More »

When you're not sleeping, letting a little light in your bedroom makes it a great place to relax in private.

How best to use sheer curtains in the bedroom

When choosing a window treatment for the bedroom, you of course want to select a fabric that will give you privacy when you need it, however, you also don’t want to rob the room of natural light. Read More »