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Adding Privacy to Your Outdoor Room

With some ingenuity and a couple of designer touches, you could give your outdoor room some privacy (as well as some helpful shade), simply by … Read More »


Metal Vs. Wood Curtain Rods

Given the many styles of curtain rods that are available to consumers these days, it can be difficult to know where to start when shopping … Read More »

Creative Design Solutions


Great Apartment Decorating Ideas

A common tradeoff for living in an apartment is one of space for convenience. Making the most of the space in your apartment can help … Read More »

DIY Design


Winter Color Schemes

Beating the winter doldrums can sometimes be a matter of changing and jazzing up your home’s surroundings, especially in colder weather areas where people tend … Read More »



Choosing the Right Curtain Length

Are there rules for how long draperies should be? As with any design principle, yes and no. In general terms, longer curtains or draperies – … Read More »


Color Theory Basics

Sometimes it’s hard to rely on your own sense of whether two or more colors look right together. Your instinct tells you that the combination … Read More »



Bedroom Curtain Ideas

In certain homes, curtains for the bedroom can sometimes feel like more of a luxury, as the emphasis is often instead placed on efficient use … Read More »


Tips for Dressing Wide Windows

An entire wall of windows can make for some wonderfully relaxing times at home, especially if the windows frame a marvelous view. However, trying to … Read More »

Window Treatments


Hanging Double Curtain Rods

In many areas of design, the trick is in achieving a look that is both proportioned as well as three-dimensional. Skeptical? Check out a few … Read More »


Simplifying Window Treatment Choices

With all of the available window treatments available these days –from Honeycomb/Cellular Shades to draperies to Roman Shades, and beyond —  trying to prioritize a … Read More »

Window Treatments - Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

The Benefits of Blackout Curtains

In what seems like a scene straight out of pure fiction, World War Two-era residents of London, England resorted to the use of blackout curtains … Read More »

Window Treatments - Sheer Curtains

Window Treatments - Silk Drapes