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Creative Curtain Rods

Ranging from the elaborate to the ornate to the sleek to the utilitarian, Curtain Rods come in a seemingly infinite array of finishes, styles and … Read More »


All About Velvet

When thoughts turn to the kinds of fabric that are considered elegant and worthy of royalty, velvet and silk are the two materials that come … Read More »

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Great Apartment Decorating Ideas

A common tradeoff for living in an apartment is one of space for convenience. Making the most of the space in your apartment can help … Read More »

DIY Design


Winter Color Schemes

Beating the winter doldrums can sometimes be a matter of changing and jazzing up your home’s surroundings, especially in colder weather areas where people tend … Read More »



Color Theory Basics

Sometimes it’s hard to rely on your own sense of whether two or more colors look right together. Your instinct tells you that the combination … Read More »


Color Trends for 2015

Every new year ushers in predictions of one kind or another. And in the world of design, perhaps no predictions are more closely watched than … Read More »



Differences Among Sheer Fabrics

When considering whether to add a pair of sheer curtains to one or more of your windows, it’s wise to also think about exactly what … Read More »


History of Jacquard Weaving

The advent of Jacquard weaving made it possible to use virtually any loom to program the raising of each warp thread independently of all of … Read More »

Window Treatments

Window Treatments - Blackout Curtains

Blackout Curtains

The Benefits of Blackout Curtains

In what seems like a scene straight out of pure fiction, World War Two-era residents of London, England resorted to the use of blackout curtains … Read More »

Window Treatments - Sheer Curtains

Window Treatments - Silk Drapes